Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the effective tool to do just that. We at JorMall have engineered the “JorMall Digital Marketing Strategy” that can meet your marketing needs and aspirations.

This product has been designed to automate your promotional campaigns on all of your digital media channels thus reaching a wider audience, create interaction between your organization and your customers, and provide your company with the dynamic image it deserves. It combines both the traditional social media channels and mobile media channels thus giving your organization the best exposure possible.

How Do We Do It?

1. Database Collection

JorMall will provide you with an automated system and a tablet that will allow you to collect your customers’ profiles thus continually building your database of visitors and clients. This system will also allow you to communicate with them via SMS and monitor their visits to your outlets.

2. Facebook Group or Page

JorMall will create a Facebook Group or Page that will contain vital information about your operations, your products, and your news.

3. Content Publishing

JorMall will carry out the publishing of the content to your online community to ensure a professional marketing message is delivered to your audience.

4. Customer Invite

JorMall will invite potential and existing customers to join your group or community and encourage them to engage with your activities.

5. Spread the Word

JorMall will spread the word by posting your content on all of your traditional social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. thus giving you the highest exposure possible. 

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