Guaranteed SMS Delivery Program

Created by: JorMall Market Research Team Guaranteed SMS Delivery Program

QuestionCan you guarantee delivery of every text message that is sent?

Answer: NO. Guaranteed delivery of a text message is impossible, because text messaging is a store-and-forward technology that is dependent on carriers and their networks.


JorMall’s "We Care" program will be introducing in 2016, the ONE AND ONLY GUARANTEED SMS DELIVERY SERVICE IN JORDAN.
As of January 2016 JorMall will be charging it’s clients for successfully delivered messages ONLY.

Each and every SMS campaign will be monitored through specially developed software named the GUARANTEED SMS DELIVERY PROGRAM.

After every SMS campaign the designated staff will monitor the SMS campaign and compare it with operators server delivery report, if the delivery success rate was more than a 100K then Jormall will charge the client for 100K SMS only, but if the delivery rate was below 100K, JorMall will then credit the clients account with the failed delivered quantity.

Important Notes:

1. JorMall needs at least 3 working days for compiling the final delivery report.

2. According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission’s regulations, any mobile user who has requested from the operator to block commercial messages will not receive SMS commercial messages. JorMall exercises its best efforts to remove these numbers from databases.

For further information, please contact our Order Processing Department at +962 6 582-3961.