SMS Marketing and How It Can Help Enhance Sales for Coffee Brands

SMS Marketing and How It Can Help Enhance Sales for Coffee Brands

An increasing number of businesses today are using mobile technology to enhance the boost of sales. SMS campaign launch, for instance, is just the latest way that mobile technology has been helping to increase revenue for the coffee industry!

How Coffee Brands with Mobile Marketing Campaign Works

The new summer digital marketing initiative sends customers SMS messages using calls-to-action through these text messages. Twitter and Facebook posts also contain similar consumer calls-to-action to go hand in hand with the campaign.

Texting Keywords to Short Codes and Other Key Mobile Strategies

Asking consumers to text a keyword to a short code is a simple way of getting potential customers to opt in, and coffee brands are using this strategy in a variety of ways.

Direct  SMS sends directly to the inbox of all your contacts (with no need to install an app). Plus with our scheduling tool you can upload messages to go out today, tomorrow, next month or whenever you want.

Concise – SMS messages are to the point. Any message that includes clearly visible information of what is on offer will encourage potential customers to respond if they are interested. 

Cost effective – Businesses sending SMS messages in bulk can benefit from our low cost SMS pricing packages. 

Wide marketing reach – SMS is understood by every demographic.

Personalized – Mobile phones are very personal. By asking some intricate questions, it is possible to build up detailed profiles of your customers which results in more effective marketing campaigns. 

Quick – You can send appropriate messages to predefined groups simply and securely.

Easy to manage – Because the majority of online SMS campaigns use email as the delivery mechanism, your sales staff can manage all correspondence from a single, centralized point. Easy response mechanism – Offering your consumers a positive experience.