About us


Established in 2000, JorMall is considered as the leading digital marketing solutions provider in Jordan. At the time when e-commerce was at a stage of adolescence in Jordan, JorMall started offering companies the ability to sell their products and services online and making profits way better than before.

JorMall is now a main supplier of SMS marketing, email marketing, and web based marketing applications. To harness the digital platform even better for the benefit of its clients, the company expanded its services to social media and website solutions as well.

Today JorMall boasts of efficiently serving more than 3250 small, medium and large businesses in the region. In 2013, JorMall broadcasted around 200 million SMS messages, and about 50 million advertising emails. The web based applications of JorMall are currently being used by over 2000 customers in Jordan. 

JorMall’s infrastructure consists of three SMS broadcasting stations, each capable of delivering three million SMS daily. JorMall is also utilizing 18 email servers capable of sending 5 million emails per day. This infrastructure is put togather and supervised by a professional team of IT, Communications Engineers, Digital marketers, and media experts. 

Our Purpose

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”- Steve Jobs, and we are passionate about what we do! We craft ways for you to interact with your customers in a more effective way. By utilizing the latest technologies and digital marketing trends, we make customized solutions according to your business goals and target markets. We also suggest you the best ways to connect to your customers online.

Our Values

  • Our core values are embedded in the hearts of our employees, helping us to serve our clients better each time.
  • Maintain integrity.
  • Practice transparency.
  • Do not just create, innovate.
  • Know the facts.
  • Work as a team. 

Key Processes

We strive to provide high standard services to achieve maximum profitability for our clients. The aim is not only to reach the satisfaction level of our customers, but to exceed their expectations.

JorMall’s success can be attributed to the following key processes:

  • Understanding consumer behavior and market trends.
  • Delivering accurate targeted campaigns.
  • Effective timing.
  • User friendly solutions for customers.

Our Management Team

Marianne, JorMall

Marianne Makdah

Chief Executive Officer

Jad, JorMall

Jad Makdah

Strategic Planning Director

Hatem, JorMall

Hatem Abu Al filat

Director of Sales

Nedal, JorMall

Nedal Hamdan

IT Director

Fatima, JorMall

Fatima Abu Dayyeh

Head of Order Processing